Wednesday, March 30, 2016

MBA Capital Limited discusses gold investing.

MBACapital Limited is one of the top Hong Kong Finance companies. June Branch, Senior Analyst at MBA weighs in on gold prices. Now that gold is on every one’s mind. The price of gold is always a hot topic. This precious metal is not only aesthetically desirable, but monetarily valuable–especially in recent years. But does gold make a good investment or is it a waste of time and money? How has it performed domestically and globally?

U.S. and Global Gold Resources

There are 33 tons of gold in the United States, but only 15 tons of that has been found. That leaves 18 tons of undiscovered gold waiting to be mined in this country alone.
On a global scale, the demand for gold jewelry has risen 34% year on year, while the demand for investment has fallen 37%. The current volume demand is 17% below what it was in Q2 2010, but that doesn’t mean it’s negligible–current demand of gold jewelry is 442 tonnes, while demand for raw gold is more than double that .

Mrs. Branch believes that investing in gold is a great hedge along with other securities that you should hold in your portfolio. An even balance so to speak. Based on a client’s needs we can find the right balance. Come see us at MBA Capital “we’re here to help”.

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

MBA Capital Limited - Alibaba

Alibaba to Train a Million Teenagers in Rural China: Report

Alibaba plans to train a million teenagers in rural China to help start their own online businesses, taking e-commerce to the country's vast rural areas, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Tuesday.
China's biggest e-commerce company reached an agreement with the China Communist Youth League to support the youngsters through funding, training and partnership, Xinhua said.
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd's Internet finance arm Ant Financial plans to invest CNY 1 billion (roughly Rs. 1,036 crores) to support college graduates who want to return to their home towns to start businesses.
E-commerce, whose development is strongly backed by China's leadership, is spreading quickly in rural China with more farmers selling their produce online.
Premier Li Keqiang included e-commerce expansion when he laid out his "Internet Plus" strategy in an address last week at China's annual parliamentary meeting in Beijing.
In villages, service stations have been set to help those who lack the necessary skills to trade online. Villagers can order goods at the stations and then return a few days later to collect their packages, Xinhua said.
The number of these village hubs has risen from three in 2009 to 780, with plans to add another 100,000 village stations and 1,000 county stations by 2019 at a cost of around CNY 10 billion, Xinhua said.
Online sales in rural areas grew at double the pace of urban areas. Rural shoppers, who account for nearly one-third of the total, spent CNY 195 million online last year, Xinhua said.

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MBA Capital Limited Post On Tencent

Tencent Rips Advertising Page From Facebook

Online ads now make up nearly 20% of Chinese Internet company’s sales

The owner of China’s most popular social networks is moving a step forward in making money the Facebook way: advertising.
China’s Internet giant Tencent Holdings owns social networking services QQ, WeChat and Qzone, which all have more than 600 million of monthly active users. But until very recently, advertising contributed little to the company, unlike Facebook, which makes nearly all of its money from ads. Instead, Tencent’s major revenue source comes from user payments to play and enhance online games, which make up nearly half of its sales.

In the company’s results for last quarter, announced Wednesday, online games remained the biggest revenue contributor, growing 33% from a year ago. Total revenue for the whole company rose 45% last quarter to 30.4 billion yuan ($4.66 billion), a 10th higher than analysts’ estimates, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence. Adjusted earnings-per-share, up 28%, beat expectations only slightly, as costs rose.     READ MORE

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ant Financial seeks US$3bn in funding

News in brief
MBA Capital Limited share news on Alipay.
Alipay parent Ant Financial is planning to raise up to 20bn yuan (US$3.1bn) in its current funding round at a valuation of more than $50bn, according to The Wall Street Journal. “The fresh funding will give the operator of popular Chinese online payments platform Alipay more financial muscle as it buys stakes in businesses ranging from a Chinese lottery company to China’s Postal Savings Bank,” the publication says. “It also sets the stage for Ant Financial’s future initial public offering — bankers expect it as early as 2017.”

Sunday, March 6, 2016

MBA Capital Limited HK - Our Corporate Executive


Corporate Executives

Our experienced team of advisors are very familiar with the needs and complex issues that arise when considering retirement.

Our Corporate Executive clients spend years focusing on their professional careers, but when it comes time to finally retire, they realize they may need some additional assistance with their personal finances. Our Corporate Executive retirement planning strategies include:
  • Requirements with holding specific amounts of company stock
  • Tax consequences of selling low cost-basis stock
  • NUA (Net Unrealized Appreciation) strategies for employer stock
  • Risks inherent in having a large concentration of wealth invested in one stock
  • Emotional attachments that executives have to their company stock
  • Employee stock options including ISO’s, NQO's
  • Pension plan options
  • Non-qualified plans
  • 401(k) and retirement plan allocations
  • Selling restrictions
  • 10(b)5-1 trading plan expertise

MBA Capital Limited has customized Executive Programs for you, including:
  • Tax-controlled diversification strategies
  • Hedging strategies
  • Covered call option strategies

We recognize that time is a valuable commodity, which is why our Corporate Executives avail themselves to our account aggregation services which bring stock options, 401k and retirement plan assets, company stock, investments, bank accounts, liabilities, credit cards rewards points together all on one website for tracking and easy viewing.
Our private vaulting services allows you to electronically store copies of contracts, wills and trusts, LLC’s, tax returns, insurance policies, digital pictures, copies of credit cards or passports, and more in order to keep them organized and at your fingertips.

MBA Capital’s Corporate Executive strategies help allow the wealth you have worked hard for your entire life to work for you so you can enjoy the retirement lifestyle you deserve.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

MBA Capital Limited HK Investment Strategy And Management

Our Investment Strategy And Management 

MBA Capital Limited offers an advisory investment management service to our clients. This means that any initial investment strategy or changes to your portfolio are always agreed with you before we implement the planning.

We follow a four part process:

Risk Profiling – with any investment portfolio it is important to manage it at the level of risk our clients are willing to take. Your Financial Planner will help you complete a risk profiling questionnaire which provides our investment specialists with a starting point in identifying the level of risk for your investment strategy.

Portfolio Construction (risk management) – our investment specialists will choose the appropriate asset classes for your investment strategy based on the agreed level of risk. For example, if you only want a low level of risk then more of your portfolio will be held in assets such as government gilts, corporate bonds or commercial property. If you are willing to accept a higher level of risk then more of your portfolio will be held in equities including overseas equities or smaller company equities.

Fund Selection – once your asset allocation has been determined we will look at selecting the funds for you to invest. Time and time again we come across investments where they are just invested in one fund or invested with one investment team. Our portfolios typically consist of between 15 – 20 funds to help with risk management and because investment houses have never been and will never be experts in all areas. Therefore, we select the better investment managers and teams to manage different components of your portfolio. We review over 3,200 funds every quarter where we analyse different risk metrics, consistency of returns and the fund teams and investment managers who make up the funds. From the funds we review, there are usually only 300 that meet our selection criteria. We points score the final 300 which helps when constructing your final investment strategy.

Review – the most important part of any successful investment strategy is ensuring that it is regular reviewed. At MBA Capital Limited we hold a quarterly investment committee where we review over 3,200 funds. We then construct our fund shortlist of approximately 300 funds. Finally, using this shortlist and the asset allocation data that we buy in, we review all of our portfolios.
We write to our “Wealth clients” on a quarterly basis confirming whether any changes should be made and asking for their permission to implement these changes.
We are one of the Hong Kong’s top asset and wealth management firms, if you would like to discuss our wealth management or investment management in more detail contact a member of MBA Capital Limited team in Hong Kong i who will be happy to assist you.


Friday, March 4, 2016


MBA Capital Limited in Hong Kong was founded in 2001 with a mission to provide high quality investment advice alongside outstanding client service. We manage equity and fixed income portfolios comprised of individual stocks and bonds. Our clients choose us because of our commitment to investment research, our experience in managing client portfolios and our laser like focus on our clients' needs.

Our investment professionals have, on average, more than 25 years’ experience researching investment opportunities, and managing portfolios through up as well as down markets.
Our investment process starts with a clear understanding of each client’s unique financial situation, and takes into account their tax status and tolerance for risk.

Only by understanding these factors can we develop an appropriate investment solution. Our rigorous investment process results in a customized asset allocation for each client. Each client’s portfolio is to bonds to achieve the client’s requirement for income and stability.

From a client service standpoint, we make ourselves available for phone calls and in person meetings as frequently as desired. Our clients appreciate talking directly to the person who manages their account, not a marketing person or an intermediary. Our team of experienced administrators also reach out to our clients to ensure proper management of all administrative details of their accounts.

MBA Capital Limited HK - Uber and Alipay

Uber Expands Cooperation With Alibaba’s Alipay

Uber Technologies Inc. is expanding its cooperation with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s online-payment affiliate, allowing Chinese users to pay for rides with Alipay while traveling outside mainland China.
Uber and Alipay are working closely despite the fact that Alibaba holds a stake in rival Chinese ride-hailing service Didi Kuaidi Joint well as Uber’s biggest U.S. rival, Lyft Inc.
In China, Uber users can already pay for their rides using Alipay, China’s most popular online payment service operated by Alibaba affiliate Ant Financial Services Group. The new partnership, announced Monday, extends their cooperation beyond mainland China. Uber said in a statement that the cross-border payment services with Alipay will first start with Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan this month, and “will be extended to more regions around the world during the year.”
Intensifying competition in China’s ride-hailing and mobile payment services is spreading beyond the domestic market. Like Uber, Didi Kuaidi is also planning to expand its services for outbound Chinese travelers through its partnership with Lyft. Didi Kuaidi invested in Lyft last year by participating in a fundraising round that closed in May, according to people familiar with the matter. Starting in the first quarter of this year, Didi Kuaidi’s Chinese customers will be able to book Lyft rides overseas using Chinese online payment systems, a Didi Kuaidi spokeswoman said. The company plans to roll out further cross-border products throughout this year.
Uber’s partnership with Alipay draws a contrast to the tense relationship it has with another Chinese Internet giant, Tencent Holdings Ltd. Like Alibaba, Tencent has also invested in Didi Kuaidi and Lyft.
In October, Uber Chief Executive Travis Kalanick said at the WSJDLive conference that users of Tencent’s WeChat messaging and social media application were unable to tap Uber and news articles shared in WeChat appeared to favor Didi Kuaidi.  Tencent had blocked Uber from WeChat last year, citing the company had violated some of WeChat’s marketing rules.
Didi Kuaidi and Tencent have been working closely. WeChat, which has about 650 million monthly active users, comes with a ride-hailing button that directs users to Didi Kuaidi’s service. Users can pay for rides with WeChat’s own mobile payment service, which is competing fiercely with Alipay.  Alipay so far accounts for the majority of mobile payment transactions in China.
In China, Uber accepts multiple payment methods including Alipay and another online payment service run by Chinese search provider Baidu Inc., but its payment options don’t include WeChat Pay.
Eva Dou contributed to this article.