Wednesday, March 30, 2016

MBA Capital Limited discusses gold investing.

MBACapital Limited is one of the top Hong Kong Finance companies. June Branch, Senior Analyst at MBA weighs in on gold prices. Now that gold is on every one’s mind. The price of gold is always a hot topic. This precious metal is not only aesthetically desirable, but monetarily valuable–especially in recent years. But does gold make a good investment or is it a waste of time and money? How has it performed domestically and globally?

U.S. and Global Gold Resources

There are 33 tons of gold in the United States, but only 15 tons of that has been found. That leaves 18 tons of undiscovered gold waiting to be mined in this country alone.
On a global scale, the demand for gold jewelry has risen 34% year on year, while the demand for investment has fallen 37%. The current volume demand is 17% below what it was in Q2 2010, but that doesn’t mean it’s negligible–current demand of gold jewelry is 442 tonnes, while demand for raw gold is more than double that .

Mrs. Branch believes that investing in gold is a great hedge along with other securities that you should hold in your portfolio. An even balance so to speak. Based on a client’s needs we can find the right balance. Come see us at MBA Capital “we’re here to help”.

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